In the midst of confusion and uncertainty, we want you to know that Hope Rising is here for you. If you’re facing tough decisions about your pregnancy, we understand the weight that rests on your shoulders. It’s normal to feel overwhelmed, scared, or even alone. But you are not alone. We’re here to provide you with support, guidance, and compassion every step of the way.

One of the most significant challenges when considering pregnancy options is sorting through the plethora of information, much of which can be misleading or confusing. Misinformation about when life truly begins can cloud your judgment and make it difficult to make an informed decision. At Hope Rising, we believe in providing accurate, evidence-based information to empower you to make the choice that feels right for you. We provide free pregnancy tests to confirm a pregnancy and free limited ultrasounds to help you see how far along the pregnancy is. 

Understanding your options is crucial. In Ohio, abortion is legal but comes with specific regulations and restrictions. It’s essential to be aware of your rights and the resources available to you. However, choosing whether to continue a pregnancy, terminate it, or explore adoption is a deeply personal decision that only you can make. Women who visit our centers have found that talking to someone knowledgeable who cares about you in person rather than thinking about it and researching all alone is such a help. We want you to know that our role is to objectively offer the pros and cons of all your options and to support you in whatever choice you make.

We want to debunk myths and provide clarity in a safe and supportive environment. If you’re feeling overwhelmed or unsure about what to do, we encourage you to reach out to us. Our confidential counseling appointments offer you a chance to speak openly about your concerns, ask questions, and explore your feelings in a non-judgmental space.

Our care team’s goal is to empower you to make choices that align with your values, beliefs, and circumstances. We believe in your strength and resilience, and we’re here to walk alongside you on your journey. You deserve to feel supported and empowered as you navigate this challenging time in your life.

Please remember, that you are not alone. We’re here to listen, support, and guide you through this journey. If you’re considering your options regarding pregnancy, we encourage you to reach out to us for a one-on-one confidential counseling appointment. Together, we can find hope and clarity amidst uncertainty.

It’s important that the decision you make is fully informed, without pressure from anyone else. All of our appointments are free and confidential for this purpose, allowing you space to collect all the information, reflect, and make an empowered decision for your future. For the help and support you need now, call our 24-hour open line at (937) 298-2822 or contact us via our website, We’re here for you.