woman wondering how to manage an unplanned pregnancyPregnant? Maybe you didn’t see that one coming. Or you have no idea where to even begin. How do you manage an unplanned pregnancy? It can seem like a lot at first but know that you have options and help is available. There are people ready to provide the education you need to be informed on all your options and help you navigate your pregnancy. Our team at Hope Rising offers no-cost and confidential pregnancy services and support. You are not alone.

Confirm Your Pregnancy

Before coming to terms with an unplanned pregnancy, you will want to verify that you are indeed pregnant and that it’s a healthy pregnancy. Where do you begin? First, after taking an at-home pregnancy test, confirm your pregnancy with lab-quality pregnancy testing. Though at-home pregnancy tests are 99% accurate, there could be a chance the test was administered incorrectly. 

Next, you will need an ultrasound to see if your pregnancy is viable. An ultrasound reveals if there is a heartbeat, how far along you are, and pregnancy location (if it’s inside your uterus). Confirming that you have a viable pregnancy is vital to moving forward with your pregnancy decision. It can also alert you to any pregnancy complications.

Cope With Your Emotions

Fear, excitement, doubt, or shock are some of the emotions you may be experiencing right now. We get it. It’s unexpected and overwhelming at times to even come to terms that you are pregnant. 

The best thing to do in this situation is to allow yourself to feel. It’s totally normal to be experiencing all sorts of emotions, and they could vary at different moments. Suppressing your emotions tends to make things worse and overwhelm your body even more. Acknowledge your feelings and give yourself plenty of grace and time to process them.

Understand All Your Options

You have three pregnancy options: adoption, abortion, or parenting. You may be surprised about all your options. Make sure to get educated on all your options to make an informed decision for your future. Don’t allow anyone to rush you in the process. Ultimately, the decision is yours. You decide what your future holds. 

Find Non-judgmental Support

Lastly, find people you can trust who can help you and have your best in mind. Our team at Hope Rising offers no-cost support to women in an unplanned pregnancy because we care. Our medical staff is here to help with free pregnancy testing and limited ultrasounds. We also provide confidential options consultations so you are informed about all your options.

Our compassionate and professional team is here for you! Schedule an appointment with us today.