Has your girlfriend asked you to pay for her abortion? If you’re hoping your insurance provider will help you, we’ve got bad news. Insurance companies cover a spouse only. 

Is She Really Pregnant?

Before you scramble to come up with the money, make sure your girlfriend is actually pregnant. Even if she took an at-home pregnancy test, you need to confirm the result. 

The Hope Rising provides no-cost pregnancy testing. At-home pregnancy tests detect pregnancy at different times. Our tests are 99 percent accurate and administered by one of our trained staff members. 

Pre-Abortion Testing

Every abortion procedure relies on knowing how long she’s been pregnant. Are you both certain you know the number of days or weeks?

The Abortion Pill Method

The abortion pill method is a medical abortion. The Federal Drug Administration (FDA) approved this method for up to 10 weeks and 0 days. 

Without insurance, the total price for the abortion pill in Ohio currently ranges from $650 – $750. You are required to pay $200 on your first visit. 

Surgical Abortion

After 10-weeks, abortion costs range anywhere from $800 to $1150. Surgical abortions are more invasive and require preparation, which is why they’re more expensive. 

She Might Not Be Pregnant

Experts claim up to 20 percent of known pregnancies end in a natural miscarriage. The number could be higher because many miscarriages occur in the early weeks before a woman even knows she’s pregnant. 

She can still get a positive pregnancy test result if she’s miscarried. It takes her body a while to realize she’s no longer pregnant. 

How Can You Know For Sure?

An Ultrasound can determine if the pregnancy is viable. A viable pregnancy means it is growing with a recognizable heartbeat. It also dates the pregnancy, so you’ll know how far along she is.

The price of abortions include an ultrasound, but when you come to Hope Rising for a free pregnancy test, if your test is positive, our licensed sonographer will offer you an ultrasound, also at no cost. 

Start With Us First

Contact us to schedule an appointment for a no-cost pregnancy test and possible ultrasound scan as well. We’ll review abortion procedures and talk about your other options

Pick the location that’s nearest you. To get no-cost, professional, compassionate care, start with Hope Rising. 

The Hope Rising does not perform or refer for abortions.